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Manual Creation ~ Company Case Studies

Manual Creation Achievements and Case Studies

267 companies and 3,732 manual production records centered on IT and manufacturing industries

We provide support for creating various types and fields of manuals, such as operation manuals, instruction manuals, business manuals, help manuals, online (web) manuals, video manuals, etc. We cover a wide range of applications, from consumer-oriented to technical-oriented.

※The number of achievements is current as of 2023.



Transaction History

Operation manual (User manual), Help, Online (Web) manual production record


EC/Internet Services

  • E-commerce Core System User Manual
  • EC Site Operation Manual
  • EC Mall Store User Manual / Video Manual
  • Internet Advertising Help
  • EC Site Operation Help



  • [SBI Securities Co., Ltd.] Manual for Call Center Operators
  • Credit Card Payment Terminal Operation Manual
  • Financial Institution Measurement Terminal Operation Manual
  • Credit Data Management System Operation Manual
  • Banknote and coin deposit/withdrawal machine operation manual
  • Image Reader Operation Manual
  • USB Touch Display Operation Manual
  • Electronic Bond System Operation Manual


Manufacturing (Machine Tools, FA)

  • CAD/CAM Software Operation Manual
  • Laser Microscope Operation Manual
  • Digital Microscope Operation Manual
  • 3D Measurement Instrument Operation Manual, Online Help
  • Image Sensor Operation Manual


Manufacturing (Plant)


Manufacturing (office equipment, video equipment)

  • Copy Machine Operation Manual
  • Inkjet Printer Operation Manual
  • Laser Printer Operation Manual, Help
  • Projector Operation Manual
  • LCD Screen Operation Manual
  • Surveillance Camera Operation Manual
  • Advertising Display and Production System Manual
  • Image Technology SDK Manual Markdown System Construction
  • Multifunction Printer Software SDK Manual
  • Network Camera SDK Manual
  • Biometric Authentication System SDK Manual


Manufacturing (Consumer Products)


Manufacturing (Automobile)

  • Automotive Parts Procurement Business System Manual
  • Sales Electronic Catalog Operation Manual



Government agencies

  • Attendance Management System Operation Manual
  • Report Output System Manual
  • Resident Management System Operation Manual
  • Social Insurance Claim Payment Processing Online System Operation Manual
  • Disaster Radio Operation Manual



  • Proofreader Support System Operation Manual
  • Training Course Management System Manual
  • University Student Learning Content Scenario
  • Seminar Room Management System Manual
  • e-learning system administration and operation manual




※Many others

Business Manual Production Results


  • EC Site Operation Manual
  • Shopping center CRM system manual creation, introduction training
  • Fashion Retail Store Manager Guide / Store Manager Proxy Guide
  • Mobile Phone Shop Operations Manual
  • Convenience Store Store Operations Manual
  • Convenience Store Crew Handbook Rewrite
  • Convenience Store Ordering System Manual Rewrite
  • Convenience Store Management Know-How Manual Rewrite
  • Convenience Store Manager Education Text Rewrite



  • Hardware Design Operation Manual
  • Experimental Tool Operation Manual
  • Automotive Parts Store EC System Manual
  • Automobile Purchase System Manual
  • IMDS (International Material Data System) Compliant Material Procurement Business Manual


Food and Beverage


Real Estate


Staffing Services


Construction/Electrical Works

  • Construction Machinery Manufacturer CS Promotion Business Manual Template Creation
  • Electrical Construction Accident Case Guide (Manga)




Government agencies

  • Resident Management System Operation Manual
  • Patent Application System Operation Manual


Consulting Firm

  • Integrated Core Business System Manual


※Many others

※We have a track record of more than 100 business understanding and skill acquisition contents as e-learning materials.

 Please also see here.

Video (Visual) Manual Production Results


※Many others

Consulting (Manual Evaluation and Improvement, In-house Support) Achievements


※Many others

Manual creation and management system construction support





※Many others

Manual Creation Seminar and Training Results


※Many others

Director, Writer Dispatch Record


※Many others

Thoroughly introduce examples of manual creation by other companies! Collection of introduction company case studies

"Even if you say "manual creation" in one word, the content, volume, and target audience vary depending on the company.
I want to proceed with manual creation, but I don't know where to start because the volume is too large. I don't know if I can do what I want to do in-house. I want to know how other companies are proceeding with manual creation. If your company has such concerns, please download this case study."



[Introduction Company]

  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  • Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • Yokogawa Electric Corporation
  • Yahoo! JAPAN
  • Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.

Introducing case studies from 11 companies, such as 11.

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For those who want to know more about manual creation and instruction manual creation

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