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Manual Evaluation, Analysis, and Improvement Proposal Service

Manual evaluation, analysis,
and improvement proposal services

Experienced consultants "visualize" current manual problems

"Why are manuals so difficult to understand?" "Even if you want to improve the manual, where do you start?" Do you have any concerns about manuals?
Our writers with 10 to 20 years of experience will conduct analysis and evaluation of manuals and actual equipment.
We create original checklists based on the content of the manual and the customer's requests.
※We can also compare the evaluation results with other company's manuals at the same time.



Features of Human Science

1. Experienced writers with 10-20 years of career knowledge in manual creation analyze and evaluate.

Our writer, who has been in charge of creating manuals for many companies, objectively evaluates the ease of understanding of the manual, as well as its strengths and weaknesses compared to other companies' manuals.
We will "visualize" the current issues with the manual and provide specific improvement points.



Consultant Introduction

  • Technical Writer and
    Consultant with 20 years of experience
    Yoshiyuki Yasuoka
  • Technical Writer and
    Consultant with 16 years of experience
    Kaori Horikoshi
  • Japanese-English and Multilingual Translation Coordinator and
    Yuriko Sawada

2. Two evaluation criteria born from support records of 267 companies and over 3,732 cases

At Human Science Co., Ltd., we have handled over 3000 manual creation projects since 1985 and have a systematic understanding of the key points for creating "easy-to-understand manuals".
①Evaluation from the perspective of whether the manual meets the requirements of the user
②Evaluation from the perspective of manual creation techniques
We will evaluate based on these two axes.



Check Sheet Sample

Check Sheet Sample Check Sheet Sample

Evaluation Results Sample

Evaluation Results Sample Evaluation Results Sample


【Free】You can try the web version of the simple manual evaluation!


Support Process

Manual Analysis, Evaluation, and Improvement Proposal

    • Contact Form, or please contact us by phone.
    • ○Understanding the current situation
    • ○Confirmation of Concerns and Requests
    • Confirm the scope and perspective of the analysis
    • Perform manual analysis
    • Submission of Analysis Report
    • ○ Improvement proposals based on evaluation and analysis results
    • ○ Rewrite Example, Submit Manual Sample
    • ○Manual Creation
      Seminar Details
    • In-house Support Consulting

Frequently Asked Questions

QI have an old version of the manual, but I feel like it's not enough. What should I do?

First, please let us evaluate the old version manual. Our writers with extensive experience and know-how will evaluate the good and bad points of the old version manual and report to you. At that time, we will also propose specific improvement measures from the perspective of "how to make it better". Please feel free to consult with us first.

QNot only in Japanese, but we also have challenges with English manuals. Is it possible to handle this?

It is possible.

QI feel that there are challenges not only in the quality of the manual but also in the management and operation methods. Is it possible to make improvement proposals for the management and operation of the manual?

It is possible. We will assist in establishing internal consensus and operational rules based on understanding your internal structure and situation.

QCan you handle not only paper and PDF manuals, but also web manuals, HTML-based help, and evaluation and quality improvement of FAQs?

It is possible. We offer suggestions for improvement not only in configuration, design, usability, and content improvement, but also based on access conditions to web pages.

Thoroughly introduce examples of manual creation by other companies! Collection of introduction company case studies

"Even if you say "manual creation" in one word, the content, volume, and target audience vary depending on the company.
If you want to proceed with manual creation but don't know where to start because there is too much volume, if you don't know if you can do what you want to do in-house, if you want to know how other companies are proceeding with manual creation, please download this case study."



[Introduction Company]

  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  • Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • Yokogawa Electric Corporation
  • Yahoo! JAPAN
  • Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.

Introducing case studies from 11 companies, such as 11.

Download here

For those who want to know more about manual creation and instruction manual creation

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