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Manual Creation

267 companies, 3,732 achievements mainly in large corporations Manual creation ·
Operating instructions creation

Quality-focused manual production by experienced consultants

Since 1985, we have provided manual creation services to 267 companies and completed 3,732 projects, mainly in the manufacturing and IT industries. We propose the most suitable instruction manuals, technical documents, help, and FAQs for your environment. We provide consulting services starting from evaluating your current manuals, to creating a multilingual support system and building and managing a CMS.
*As of 2023

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Features of Human Science

Human Science is chosen by customers for three reasons.

  • Consultants well-versed in manual creation
    will be in charge
  • Achieve cost reduction
    through the utilization of the latest technology
  • Because we support 40 languages,
    global support is also possible

Seminar and Event Information

Human Science regularly holds seminars and events on manual creation.
Please feel free to join us.


The Commitment of Human Science

Document Solution
Business Officer for Manual Creation
Yoshihiro Iwasaki

"We aim to create manuals that make you feel 'I'm glad I worked with Human Science!'"

The situations of customers who request manual creation from Human Science Co., Ltd. vary. Sometimes there is a dedicated person in charge, and sometimes the person in charge of product development gives instructions for manual creation in the midst of busy work. In the latter case, Human Science Co., Ltd. provides necessary proposals and explanations to the relevant personnel within the customer's company, and as a coordinator, reduces the burden on the person in charge of manual creation. Human Science Co., Ltd. has not only technical writers, but also content directors, programmers, and translation coordinators. Each staff member collaborates and combines various technologies to propose the most suitable manual for the customer. We aim to provide user-friendly, high-quality manuals and make our customers feel "It was good to work with Human Science Co., Ltd.!"

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