Information management/quality management


Information management/quality management

The ISMS and ISO guidelines for Human Science are as follows.


Information management

Mechanism for information management

Human Science operates a system to manage customers' important confidential information.
The company and its employees have signed a confidentiality agreement. We have established confidential information management regulations as a policy for information management. Every year, we check the compliance status of employees with confidential information management regulations. Additionally, we provide information management training to our employees every year.
We also have confidentiality agreements with our collaborating staff.

Control of entry and exit to office space

Entry and exit to the office floor is managed using IC cards held only by employees.

Use of security room

There are times when it is necessary to create a manual for a product before its release, in an environment where it is not visible to other people. There is a security room, and only those involved in the project can enter and work there. The facility is managed using a PIN code set by the person concerned to prevent unauthorized persons from entering and exiting.

International standard JIS Q 27001:2014 (ISO/IEC 27001:2013) certification for ISMS (Information Security Management System)

Human Science Co., Ltd. has obtained the international standard "JIS Q 27001:2014 (ISO/IEC 27001:2013)" certification for ISMS (Information Security Management System) and is currently maintaining and operating it.

First Registration Date: June 18, 2012
Authentication Criteria: JIS Q 27001:2014 (ISO/IEC 27001:2013)
Authentication Registration Number: JP12/080233
Authentication Registration Organization (Certification Number): SGS Japan Co., Ltd. Certification and Business Solution Services (ISR021)
Target Scope:
1. e-Learning production and introduction/operation support
2. Translation
3. Document/Manual creation
4. AI learning data creation

ISMS basic policy

Date of Establishment: December 9, 2010
Date of Revision: October 24, 2023
Representative Director: Tsuyoshi Kumazawa

Human Science Co., Ltd.'s corporate philosophy (value of existence) is ''Human Science supports domestic and overseas companies with technology centered on technical communication and IT, and contributes to the realization of a prosperous and dream-filled society.'' We operate our business under the corporate philosophy, and support the operations of many companies and various organizations. When doing so, we collect a lot of information from you. We also handle a lot of information about our employees and other related parties. We position the protection of information assets as an important issue in conducting business while maintaining relationships of trust with customers and related parties. It is important to safely protect information assets entrusted to us by customers and related parties to prevent accidents such as loss, theft, or unauthorized use. Therefore, we will implement physical and technical security measures. It is also important that employees have a high level of awareness about information security and strive to protect information assets.
Therefore, we have hereby established our "ISMS Basic Policy" as a guideline for appropriately protecting the information assets held by our company, and we will implement the Information Security Management System (ISMS) in accordance with this basic policy. All employees, including management, fully understand the purpose of this basic policy and act in compliance with internal rules regarding our information security management system.

1. Definition of information security
At our company, information security is defined as maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets.

2. Scope of Application
Our company practices ISMS activities within the following scope.
Target Business/Operations: E-Learning Business, Document Solutions Business, Localization Business, Annotation Business, Administration Business, Sales Business
Target Departments: All departments (excluding CS Promotion Department and Offshore Development Department)
Target Office: Human Science Co., Ltd. Headquarters

3. Manager's Responsibilities
The Company appoints an information security manager who is responsible for information security. The information security manager is responsible for implementing measures to protect the Company's information assets and taking prompt action when an event that threatens information security is discovered.

4. Employee Responsibilities
Our company provides education to all employees, including temporary employees, so that everyone understands the "ISMS Basic Policy" and internal rules related to ISMS, and acts with the belief that it is their responsibility to act in compliance with the rules.

5. Identifying information assets and taking countermeasures
We identify information assets that should be protected, such as confidential information and personal information. In order to protect the identified information assets, we regularly analyze and evaluate risks and take optimal protection measures according to the risks.

6. Personal information protection
Our company will handle personal information in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, etc. regarding the personal information we handle.

7. Legal compliance
Our company promotes activities to appropriately comply with laws and concluded contracts related to information security.

8. Promotion of information security management
Our company conducts activities to maintain information security led by the information security manager, confirms that information security is maintained through audits and management reviews, and promotes continuous improvement activities for constant correction and prevention.

9. Business continuity
We will take the necessary measures to appropriately continue our important business.

About anonymously processed information

Our company acquires, uses, manages and provides anonymously processed information in compliance with laws, regulations, etc.

Items for using anonymously processed information
Still image information inside the body (intraperitoneal cavity) obtained during a surgical operation (External information such as the doctor's and patient's faces is not included. Still image metadata does not include any description that can identify a specific individual. )

How to provide anonymously processed information
We provide information on servers or cloud servers that have advanced security measures in place to prevent information leaks, theft, etc.

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