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Knowledge Management Solution

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Knowledge Management

Human Science not only creates manuals, but also supports the establishment of a system where organized knowledge takes root within the company. We collaborate with many knowledge management tool development companies and provide support for tool selection and operation tailored to our clients' needs.

In knowledge management, it is important to go through the process of "articulating implicit knowledge and sharing it as formal knowledge" and "combining formal knowledge to create new knowledge" in order to cycle back to "acquiring new implicit knowledge based on formal knowledge" from the state of "implicit knowledge of individuals".

However, in each process, various worries and challenges arise as follows.

In a state where it becomes personal tacit knowledge...

  • Business knowledge and know-how are biased towards specific members.
  • Can't find what you want to know right away
  • There have been many inquiries from within the company.
  • I want to share knowledge, but there is no environment for that.

When trying to verbalize tacit knowledge...

  • Wrote a manual but it's not being read
  • Manuals are scattered everywhere and cannot be found.
  • The method of creating documents and the quality may vary depending on the person.

In addition, when utilizing format knowledge to aim for further business improvement, the following challenges may arise.

  • Efficiently reflect accumulated knowledge in sales materials and meeting materials, and promote document communication.
  • Want to review business processes by gathering internal knowledge
  • We want to make improvements with a focus on automating business processes and DX.

To successfully implement knowledge management, it is important to create a system that includes tool implementation.

However, it is surprisingly difficult to build such a system in-house.
Simply introducing a tool is not enough. Before implementation, it is necessary to accurately grasp the company's issues and goals and assess the effectiveness of the tool.
Furthermore, even after implementation, measures must be taken to operate and establish the tool.
In addition, in a market where there are various knowledge management tools, it is often heard that it is difficult to select a tool that is suitable for the company's issues and goals.

At our company, we support the implementation of various knowledge management tools to achieve success in knowledge management.
We provide full support, from selecting the most suitable tool to its implementation and utilization, tailored to the challenges faced by each company!

Introduction to Knowledge Management Solutions

Supporting the creation of systems that meet our customers' challenges and goals.

Manual Creation Tool Introduction Support and Establishment Support

  • noco Co., Ltd.
    Toaster Team
  • Konica Minolta Japan Co., Ltd.

The manual creation and operation tool is a software/application that streamlines the creation, updating, and sharing of business procedures and supports the management of "used" manuals. By building a system that consolidates the latest version of manuals in one place, it is possible to create an environment where "desired manuals can be found quickly by looking here".
At Human Science Co., Ltd., we provide proposals for the optimal manual creation tool according to our customers' challenges and support for operational stability.

Perfect for those who have such concerns

  • Manuals are scattered throughout the server.
  • The appearance of the manual varies depending on the writer.
  • I don't know which manual creation tool is suitable for our company.
  • Unable to use the manual creation tool effectively.

Services Offered by Human Science Co., Ltd. (Example)

  • Comparison and evaluation support for manual creation tools
  • Challenges analysis of existing manuals for maximizing tool implementation effectiveness
  • Creating Sample Manuscripts Using Manual Creation Tools
  • Production agency on manual creation tool
  • Guidelines for creating manuals using manual creation tools

Example of utilizing manual creation tool introduction support and establishment support services

We will propose a plan tailored to your situation and challenges.

Consulting Results

Please refer to this document for details on our collaborative services with each company.

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Help Site Construction + Content Improvement and Establishment Support Services

  • Eclact Co., Ltd.

We will build help pages for customers and internal use using Zendesk's Help Center (FAQ) construction function. By aggregating and organizing the information that users need in an easy-to-find format, we can encourage self-resolution for users. This can lead to a reduction in the cost of responding to inquiries.
At Human Science Co., Ltd., we offer services to improve and maintain website content for customers who do not have the resources to do so after building their help site, or for those who are unsure of how to improve it in the first place.

  • Overall Improvement Plan

    Recommended for those who want to review the help site
    based on the current situation.

    We will propose measures for improving category and content based on user needs, taking a dual approach from both "inquiries from users" and "quality of site content". In addition to proposing, we can also support implementation of these measures.

  • Quick Start Plan

    Recommended for those who want to standardize the way content is created.

    This is a plan to establish a framework where everyone can create website content according to the rules. We will create guidelines such as sample content and templates that can serve as examples for standardizing website content.

[Overall Improvement Plan] Example of Progress

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Business Inventory Support Service + Introduction of Automation RPA

  • Userck Systems Co., Ltd.
    Auto Job Master

We will automate daily tasks using the RPA tool "Auto Job Master". Tasks that are repeated or involve large amounts of data processing are better suited for machines, so implementing this tool can help reduce workload.
At Human Science Co., Ltd., we offer services to visualize and identify tasks that should be automated, providing support for complex tasks.

Perfect for those who have such concerns

  • I want to automate my work, but I don't know where to start.
  • There are various tasks and it is unclear where to automate.
  • I don't have time to take inventory of my work, so I want someone else to do it.

Services Offered by Human Science Co., Ltd. (Example)

  • We will listen to your business needs and visually visualize your business.
  • We also collaborate with Userk Co., Ltd. to select tasks for automation and provide support for quick implementation of RPA.

How to Implement Inventory Support Services + Automation RPA for Business

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