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Business Manual Creation

Business Manual Creation

For those who are lacking resources in manual creation tools.
We will support you in visualizing and organizing your work.

When creating operation manuals, it is necessary to clarify the purpose of the creation, organize the procedure of creation, and proceed with the production in the correct approach. Human Science will support your company's operation manual creation based on our abundant experience of creating 2,854 manuals for 215 companies.

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Features of Human Science

1. Experienced consultants who are well-versed in the key points of business manuals will support you from research and analysis to output.

Our Business Manual Creation Service will handle all aspects of the process, from research and analysis to planning and output, in order to create a more user-friendly manual based on the materials shared by your company.
If you do not have any materials, please rest assured as our skilled specialist consultants will conduct a thorough interview with you.



Consultant Introduction

  • Technical Writer and
    Consultant with 20 years of experience
    Yoshiyuki Yasuoka
  • Technical Writer and
    Consultant with 16 years of experience
    Kaori Horikoshi
  • Japanese-English and Multilingual Translation Coordinator and
    Yuriko Sawada

2. Utilizing the latest technologies such as GitHub
to achieve shortened development time and reduced communication costs

At Human Science Co., Ltd., we have established manual production methods using the latest technologies from overseas such as GitHub, CMS, wikiworks, and Confluence, in addition to the traditional use of PowerPoint and Word.
By utilizing these latest technologies, we are able to reduce communication costs and shorten the time to complete manuals.

3. Extensive track record in manual production, focusing on large and global corporations.
Also experienced in converting large amounts of training content into videos.

Human Science Co., Ltd. has a track record of creating 188 manuals for 2,477 companies in the manufacturing and IT industries since 1985.
Based on the knowledge gained, we will propose the most suitable video manual after understanding the "purpose", "target users", "usage scenes", and "budget". We also support the conversion of large amounts of training content into videos.
We provide support for companies that do not have internal resources and have difficulty using manual creation tools.


Here are examples of 100 cumulative materials that have been converted to videos and e-learning.


Business manuals vary greatly depending on the nature of your business and the need for standardization. We will provide you with an estimated cost, so please feel free to contact us first.


Frequently Asked Questions

QPlease let us know what is required when requesting our services.

Please let us see the available materials once.
Any materials such as product brochures, specifications, internal documents, educational texts, etc. are acceptable.
If you do not have organized materials, our education writer will conduct interviews to understand the content. Please feel free to consult with us first.

QPlease tell me about the cost feeling.

Business manuals vary greatly depending on the nature of your business and the need for standardization. We will provide you with an estimated cost, so please feel free to contact us first.

QPlease tell me about the production period.

The standard production period is approximately 2-3 months. The production period may vary depending on the subject matter, volume, materials provided, number of revisions, and proofreading period. Please let us know your desired delivery date first.

QIs it possible to handle a manual with specialized content?

In the field of business manuals, we have a track record of creating manuals related to IT, telecommunications, manufacturing, finance, distribution, retail, food and beverage, and real estate. We also handle the production of in-house educational texts and training materials. In terms of operation manuals, we have a wide range of experience in areas such as manufacturing (plant control systems, CAD/CAM software manuals), IT (manuals for internet services, accounting systems, communication equipment, and game technicians), and others. All of these require specialized knowledge, but our writers will write based on the materials provided by our clients.

QWe would like to create a system that can be operated by our company in the future. Is it possible?

It is possible.
We not only produce, but also provide consulting support for in-house manual production.
First, we analyze existing manuals and conduct interviews on operational structure to analyze current issues.
Then, we implement specific education programs and create guidelines, and support the establishment of a manual production system in parallel.

QWhat happens to the copyright of the manual after delivery?

Basically, we believe that the copyright belongs to the client who requested it.

QCan you also handle multilingual support and creating video manuals?

Since 2000, our company has been providing translation services in approximately 40 languages. We also started creating e-learning materials during the same period, and we are skilled in producing educational materials such as videos, animations, and e-learning in addition to paper and web manuals that use videos and animations.
We have seen an increase in inquiries for e-learning materials for overseas employees.
Please feel free to contact us.

QIs it safe to handle confidential information from outside the company in terms of security measures?

When requesting work, we will of course have a confidential agreement between companies, and we will handle the provided materials and data strictly. Our workers are required to submit a confidentiality agreement and strictly adhere to the rules regarding information handling, so please rest assured. Depending on the type of information, it is also possible to work in a project-specific room (a workspace that only the assigned worker can enter).

QCan we request a DTP operator or education writer?

Yes. It is possible to be stationed at the client's site. We will propose the most suitable personnel and system according to the requested tasks such as manual production direction, translation coordination, and writing practical work.

QCan we have a web conference for the meeting?

Yes, it is possible. Since 2020, we have been primarily conducting meetings with our clients through web conferences. We are also able to have in-person meetings, so please feel free to consult with us.


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