Management Message


Management Message

Tsuyoshi Kumazawa Representative Director, Head of E-Learning and System Development

Tsuyoshi Kumazawa
  • About Human Science Co., Ltd.
  • Human Science utilizes high-end technology and our wealth of achievements to offer an array of services that revolve primarily around instruction manual creation, system development, translation, e-learning, and sometimes combinations thereof. For example, Human Science is a one-stop solution for companies looking to develop computer programs, as we can not only develop the application, but also create an instruction manual and give presentations on how to use it. We start by formally discussing our client’s wishes, then assigning in-house staff whose expertise is fit for the job and organizing the project in a way that meets all of the client’s needs. The goal of Human Science is to give strong support to our clients’ businesses.
  • E-Learning
  • Every year, we create over 100 lessons for a wide array of e-learning materials. Thanks to the work of our dedicated staff of scenario writers, designers, and content authors, we create high-quality content at a swift pace and are able to take care of multiple projects simultaneously and handle large-scale requests with ease. In 2009, we began building and operating open-source learning management systems (LMS). The systems that we build are tailored to optimally support the number of users, amount of content, and the means by which the service will be used. We can also develop and add additional modules at the client’s request. We collaborate closely with our client’s e-learning leads to help facilitate the smooth operation of a reliable system.

    Non-Profit Organization Digital Learning Consortium (DLC), Director
  • System Development
  • At Human Science, we have the structure necessary for in-house system development, as well as outsourced development. We begin our projects by getting a full understanding of our clients’ requirements, and then proposing the optimal system composition and usage techniques. Many of our clients are under tight pressure and may not be able to share a consolidated list of requirements. But at Human Science, we have prepared materials that help to pinpoint and organize all of those requirements over the course of many meetings. A system that is being developed will be used by people in many positions, starting with the application manager. The goal is to create a system that is easy to use, no matter what the user’s position is. Human Science’s developmental style involves communicating closely with clients and developing systems that meet all of their true demands.

Tatsuo TomiokaDirector, Head of Language Solutions (Translation)

Tatsuo Tomioka
  • Translation into English and Other Languages
  • The instruction manuals for most products that are developed in Japan are written in Japanese, then translated into English and then other languages. Human Science can handle every step of that writing and translation process. Sometimes, the specifications of the product change partway through production, causing a cascade of changes across many translations and complicating the means of progression. At Human Science, we maintain close communication with our clients and between staff, and recommend actions that are suitable and streamlined every step of the way. As evidenced by our wealth of achievements and capable management, providing the expected degree of quality translations into English and other languages is our forte. And we plan to continue propelling more and more domestic businesses into the global market. Don’t you agree that many people’s lives could be enriched by the international spread of Japan’s high-quality goods and services? Japan’s technology and services are being introduced to the world. And through translation from Japanese into English and other languages, we at Human Science are delighted to assist that spread.
  • Translation and Localization into Japanese
  • Our business handles the translation of documents and software for international products into Japanese. The Japanese market demands high quality products, and the same is true for Japanese translations. For that reason, Human Science has established a rigorous system of quality control that includes assigning translators who are familiar with the topic, utilizing translation tools, and fully reviewing the finished translation. Depending on the product, the desired specs of an English to Japanese translation may differ. At Human Science, a full-time project manager maintains frequent communication with the client and ensures that the client’s needs are properly conveyed to the English to Japanese translator and that the most suitable translation processes are carried out. We maintain the quality of the English into Japanese, so that the end users fully understand the product and can use it without issue. When progressive products from around the world gain traction in the Japanese market, individual productivity rises, and efficiency within companies improves. By providing English to Japanese translation, Human Science wants to help enrich Japan’s market with the introduction of foreign goods.
  • Medical Translation
  • Human Science began specializing in medical translation in 2009. By that point we had already built up many years of experience in IT translation from English to Japanese, which we have been able to leverage in the medical translation field. We conducted trials and thereby assembled a team of excellent translators who each specialize in medical fields. A translation director is put in charge of quality control, to check the accuracy of the translated text and ensure that the writing is consistent throughout. In addition, tools are used to raise efficiency and detect any basic errors. By relying on not only our human translators, but computer-assisted processes as well, the quality of the translation is overall improved. In Japan’s current climate of declining birthrates amidst an aging population, the need for medical care is rising. The introduction of new, outstanding medical plans and treatments seems inevitable. In the midst many people offering good medical care, Human Science hopes to contribute by providing reliable medical translations.

Yoshihiro IwasakiDirector, Head of Document Solutions (Manual Creation)

Yoshihiro Iwasaki
  • Manual Creation
  • The circumstances under which customers approach Human Science with an order for manual creation are varied. Sometimes an employee is tasked with the sole duty of making a manual, while in others, those in charge of product development must scrape together time in their busy schedules to direct manual creation between tasks. In the latter case, Human Science can act as coordinators, giving necessary suggestions and explanations to the relevant creators at the client’s office, thus relieving the burden of manual creation from those in charge. Human Science employs not only technical writers, but also content directors, programmers, and translation coordinators. Thanks to the cooperation of our staff and the coordination of their individual skills, we provide the ideal manuals for our clients. Our goal is to not only create high-quality manuals that are easy for end users to understand, but to perform with a degree of ease and reliability that leaves our customers feeling glad to have chosen Human Science.

Akio FukumotoDirector, Head of Business Promotion, Annotation, and Offshore Promotion

Akio Fukumoto
  • Business Promotion
  • We are a department that will promote your business. We will listen to your needs and concerns and work together to formulate a solution. We take on the customer’s perspective when making decisions, while providing support with a combination of various services and cutting-edge tools, all carefully compared and considered for your benefit. In addition, we always keep up with the latest industry trends and technological developments and readily provide this useful information to our customers. We aim to provide ongoing, high-quality services and to build long-term relationships with our customers, through which we can hope to grow and evolve together.
  • Annotation
  • The annotation branch of the business creates essential training data for AI model development. Human Science started this business venture back in 2019. Annotation work may seem easy at first glance, but multi-faceted judgment is often required. To be effective, one must establish appropriate judgment criteria, eliminate ambiguity, and create conformity in the recognition results produced by all workers. Human Science generates large quantities of high-quality data based on the company’s core DNA, manufacturing support, which has been the lifeblood of this company and its management methods since its establishment, undergoing continuous improvements since. In particular, we excel at projects that require complex judgments that cannot be achieved through crowdsourcing and at projects that require high security. In Japan, where the population is progressively ageing, we hope to help promote the digital transformation of Japanese companies, to improve Japan’s competitiveness in the world market.
  • Offshore Promotion
  • This is a business that promotes the use of offshore personnel, starting with Vietnam. At Human Science, we have been utilizing overseas personnel through our translation business for many years. With the advancement of globalization, we aim to utilize overseas personnel not only in our translation business, but also in other areas such as annotation. In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in Japan and the Japanese language among countries in Asia. In addition, with the improvement of machine translation quality, language barriers in communication have decreased. Apart from language proficiency in Japanese, there are many talented individuals who are younger than Japanese people. We aim to create an environment where we can respect and grow together regardless of nationality, while providing growth opportunities for them as Human Science.

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