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IT company document solution

IT Company

Developers, are you struggling with document creation and management?

Mostly not updated
Left as it is old
API reference is not read
Not utilized...
In IT companies, the number of companies with such concerns is increasing.

While refreshing or considering a new document platform, there are various platforms in the market, so it's unclear which one is the best...

Do you have such concerns?

The optimal platform varies depending on the type of document being handled.

There is no universal platform that can be applied to all industries and fields.
Therefore, a key perspective is necessary when selecting a platform.
Human Science supports the introduction of platforms that are suitable for your challenges and documents, without being tied to specific products, from a neutral standpoint.

Points to consider when selecting a platform

The features, usage scenes, and operation methods vary depending on the type of document being handled.
The required functions and specifications also differ depending on the platform.

Therefore, there are three necessary perspectives to consider:
"Documents", "Readers", and "Creators". It is important to capture the characteristics of each document from these three viewpoints.

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Manufacturing (Engineers and Specialists)
Internal Business Manual IT (Developers) for
Document Type (Example) ・Product Manual
・Service Manual
・User Manual
・Business System Manual
・Sales Manual
・Customer Service Manual
・Office Manual
・API Reference
Features Manual with a large volume of 1 book, the update frequency is not high, but there is a tendency for many separate volumes. There are also cases where field staff refer to paper manuals or when a multilingual version of the manual is needed. There are often a large number of pages, ranging from a few to several dozen, making it difficult to manage centrally. As the content is frequently updated, it is necessary to provide the latest information in a timely manner. Frequently updated, a platform that is easily accessible from the development environment is desired as there are many cases where documents are created and viewed while working on the development platform.
Document Volume per book
※When converted to A4 size
Hundreds of pages Several pages to several tens of pages About 100 pages
Volume Structure
Number of Volumes
Can be divided into several volumes depending on the purpose (installation volume, operation volume, etc.)
Multilingual translation versions also exist
Number of books can range from several to dozens depending on the amount of work. Can be divided into several books depending on the purpose (tutorials, API reference).
Reader's Perspective Reader Field technicians and service staff Employee IT Engineer
IT Literacy Includes people who are not expensive Varies by department Expensive
Creator's Perspective Author Manual department, design and development department, production company, etc. Subjective departments such as the target business department and the business support department IT Engineer
Many cases where the reader and creator are the same
Update Frequency Main version upgrade, minor version upgrade will be updated as needed.
The update frequency is not high.
It is necessary to provide the latest information in a timely manner.
High update frequency
Frequent updates due to main version upgrades and minor version upgrades

IT company document environment operators are developers
Let's select a platform that is easy for developers to use!

When selecting a platform, consider which documents are the main target and choose one that suits your purpose.


Common Pitfalls...

  • The saving format is not standardized, and the specifications are all over the place...

  • Once created in Word,
    it is difficult to migrate to other formats...

  • The update frequency is inconsistent,
    and version control is
    not possible...

  • Developers are unable to monetize their work because they create it in their spare time...

What is a developer-friendly environment?

  • 1. Use open standards such as Markdown

    If only documents are managed on a different platform, it can be very time-consuming. I believe that documents also require management and operation, just like code.
    On the other hand, by using open standards such as Markdown and managing documents on Github, it is possible to significantly reduce the amount of management work.

    Features of "Open Standards"
  • 2. Updated with Headless CMS,
    supports various data formats

    Creating documents in an editing environment that is specific to a certain platform can make it difficult to convert them into assets. However, by utilizing a headless CMS, documents can be exported in an open data format (JSON) and can be easily expanded for various purposes.

    Features of Headless CMS + Jamstack

documentation environment setup
with Human Science

Human Science has a rich track record of 243 companies and 3,148 manual production since 1985, mainly in the IT industry.
With our technical expertise in IT companies, we will propose the best document solutions for your company.

Collaboration with Bejamas, a company with a wealth of achievements

We will partner with Bejamas, a Polish company with a wealth of experience in website development using Jamstack.

Thorough Support

Bilingual engineers in charge
Our bilingual engineers will handle the entire development process, ensuring smooth progress of the development work.
Leverage the know-how of website creation to the fullest extent
Human Science has a proven track record of assisting with numerous website creations.



Introduction to Document Solutions for IT Companies

What are the key points required for document solutions in IT companies? We will introduce the key points for platform selection and a document creation environment that is highly compatible for developers.



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  • What is Document Platform Selection?
  • Points to consider when selecting a platform
  • 3 Key Points Required for Developer Documentation
  • What is a developer-friendly document creation environment for assetizing documents?
  • Summary

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