Translation of Garoon and kintone user guides for groupware products

Cybozu Inc.


Translation of Garoon and kintone user guides for groupware products


Overview of Cybozu, Inc.

cybozu_appearance ・Established: August 1997

・Capital: 613 million yen (as of December 2017)

・Number of Employees

 Link 586 individuals 414 individuals

 (As of December 2017)

・Business Contents

 Development, sales, and operation of groupware


English Translation

・Garoon Document English Translation

 (User Help, Administrator Guide, Installation Guide, Release Notes)

・ Common Management Help English Translation

・kintone Administrator/User Help English Translation


Global Development Department Technical Communication Group Leader, Mr. Naohiro Nakata

Global Development Department
Communication Group
Leader Naohiro Nakata

Cybozu, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Cybozu, abbreviated) is a company that develops and sells groupware such as Cybozu Office and Garoon, as well as business-use applications such as kintone.


We received an inquiry from Mr. Nakata of the 2017 Global Development Department Technical Communication Group regarding the translation of "Garoon user help and administrator guides" on our website to be outsourced.


Garoon Product Website URL


Reasons for Choosing Human Science

Global Development Headquarters Tokyo 1st Development Department Technical Communication Group Mr. Koichi Nakajima

Global Development Department
Tokyo 1st Development Department Technical
Communication Group
Mr. Koichi Nakajima

"Evaluated the translation trial quality
(Mr. Nakata)"

A trial of Garoon's English translation for multiple companies was conducted in order to select a translation service provider.

We have received an order from Human Science Co., Ltd. for evaluation of translation quality.

Introduction Process

First, we started with the English translation of Garoon's administrator guide and user help, and we have also received requests for translation of a more voluminous installation guide.

And now, we are also continuing to support the management of other product groups, such as kintone and

Note: Our manuals are created in HTML format and translated using Trados (translation support tool).

April 2017 - July 2017

Garoon Administrator's Guide Japanese-English Translation

Garoon User Help Japanese-English Translation

Garoon Release Notes Japanese to English Translation

Garoon Installation Guide Japanese to English Translation


November 2017 - January 2018

kintone Administrator/User Help Japanese-English Translation


February 2018 - May 2018 Common Management Help Japanese-English Translation


We continue to receive requests for additional translations and changes as each product is updated or upgraded.


Garoon Administrator's Guide

Garoon Administrator's Guide

Garoon User Help

Garoon User Help

Evaluation of Human Science Co., Ltd.

"We also have high expectations for the use of machine translation."


Always polite and sincere, we are grateful for your support in smoothly progressing our translation projects.

We seek translators who have a thorough understanding of the product and can provide reliable translations.

Only a part of Garoon documents are being translated by Human Science. These include high-priority user help and administrator guides. In fact, there are still documents that need to be translated. We are considering using machine translation for this, and we are also receiving support for introducing machine translation.


We are relying on proposals that utilize translation-related systems and engineering knowledge when implementing machine translation.

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