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Translation services with extensive experience working with major and global companies

Over 25 years since 1994.
More than 20,816 translation projects.

Human Science is a translation company that handles translations in a wide range of fields including software, manufacturing, IT, automotive, and distribution.
We receive various translation requests from many domestic and foreign companies, such as manual translation, GUI translation, UI translation, software translation, system translation, instruction manual translation, and help translation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat fields of translation can you handle?

We specialize in IT and also cover a wide range of related and peripheral fields (communications, pharmaceuticals, medicine, medical devices, automobiles, electronics, machinery, chemistry). We select the most suitable translators and reviewers based on your request and proceed with the work. Please confirm the translation quality with a "trial" translation of a small amount free of charge. Depending on the field and quantity, we may not be able to provide sufficient support, but please feel free to contact us first. Japanese Translation and Localization Services

QHow do you count the volume of translation when I want to know the budget?

At Human Science, we count based on the volume of the source manuscript (source, original). In other words, for languages ​​such as Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, we count by "number of characters", while for English and other languages, we count by "number of words". This is because the traditional method used in the translation industry in Japan calculates the finished volume (number of characters or number of pages) based on the translation method (policy and specifications), which can result in differences in the finished volume. We strive to use tools such as Trados, which are commonly used in the industry, to provide accurate and clear quantities in advance.

QCan I check the quality before the initial transaction?

Please confirm with a free trial translation. Some translation companies may have a significant difference in quality between trial translations and actual translations, but in our case, we follow the same process as usual and provide a trial translation. So, please rest assured that there will be no "this is not what I expected" later on.

QWhat about the quality and accuracy of machine translation (MT/Machine Translation)? Will it ultimately require human intervention?

There are very few cases where the quality of machine translation alone can meet the standards for delivering to our customers. "How to handle the pre- and post-processes" is important.
Even if human intervention is involved, depending on where the quality standards are set, it is possible to achieve sufficient cost benefits.
We will propose the benefits that can be obtained through the introduction of machine translation, such as cost reduction and shortened delivery time, according to your desired quality and budget.
Cost reduction and shortened delivery time through machine translation (MT・Machine Translation)

QHow much cost reduction can be achieved by introducing machine translation (MT/Machine Translation)?

The translation quality may vary depending on the document to be translated, the desired translation quality, and the status of past translation assets. However, in a certain project, we have achieved a 27% cost reduction and a 47% deadline reduction. However, not all translations are suitable for machine translation. Depending on the past translation assets, target users, and volume, there may be suitability or unsuitability. And without designing a sufficient simulation and verification MT workflow, the successful introduction of machine translation is not possible. At Human Science Co., Ltd., we also accept consultations regarding whether or not to introduce machine translation. Please feel free to consult us. Cost reduction and deadline reduction through machine translation (MT・Machine Translation)


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