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High-precision and security-focused
annotation outsourcing service

Teacher Data Creation Results
Over 48 million records

For high-precision tasks such as medical development and natural language processing, difficult annotations are entrusted to Human Science.

Human Science Co., Ltd. has been involved in AI development projects for many companies, including GAFAM.
Our annotation services have been helpful in various fields such as natural language processing, medical support, autonomous driving development, and architecture.
We solve our customers' challenges through various operation methods, such as remote, on-site, and resident at the customer's environment, depending on the project.
We thoroughly implement security measures through the selection of tools, education of workers, and establishment of work environments.

Translation, Documentation, and Annotation Achievements

Features of Human ScienceFeature

  • Trained project managers educate annotators.
    That's why it is possible to create high-quality teacher data.
    In our annotation outsourcing service, when starting a project, the project manager first familiarizes themselves with the work requirements. By having the experienced project manager educate the annotators before starting the work, we enable high-precision annotation. In cases where it is determined that online familiarization is difficult based on the nature of the work, we also provide support by having the project manager reside at the customer's site for training, etc.
  • Annotation tool with top-notch security
    used by the largest domestic automakers.
    One of the annotation tools we use is AnnoFab. It is a tool that is also adopted by top domestic automobile manufacturers and has excellent security. It supports customer-side cloud services such as AWS and restrictions on IP addresses, ensuring a robust security system.
  • Resource management without using crowdsourcing.
    We can also provide services such as utilizing our security room and on-site support at customer locations.
    For customers who want to avoid using crowdsourcing for security reasons, please rest assured. At Human Science Co., Ltd., reliable annotators contracted directly by our company will handle the work. For on-site projects, we can also provide the use of our security room with ISMS certification and on-site support at the customer's location.
  • Reduce communication costs with direct support in English.
    Do you need communication in English? Don't worry. We can provide direct support. Compared to requesting translation or interpretation from other companies, you can expect significant cost advantages.
  • Achieve excellent cost performance with an offshore system.
    Our company conducts offshore annotation services in Vietnam. By utilizing overseas resources under our contract, we provide high-quality annotations at a low cost, comparable to domestic services. For offshore projects, we handle management tasks such as aligning with customer expectations and quality control in Japan.


  • Natural Language Processing
    Text Generation
  • Speech Recognition
    Intent Extraction
  • Image Annotation
    Object and Region Detection
  • Video Annotation
    Object Detection
  • Location Evaluation
    Route Creation
  • Document Analysis
    Content Evaluation
  • OCR
    Data Conversion
  • Machine Translation Evaluation
    Translation Teacher Data Creation

Achievements and Case StudiesCase Study

Advanced AI Development Project for Medical Devices
For Medical Device Manufacturing Companies

Required tasks
  • AI development of advanced medical devices aimed at supporting surgery and diagnosis. The materials are real data such as endoscopic images and X-ray images. The task involves instance segmentation of several types of labels.
  • I want to avoid remote work and outsourcing overseas in order to handle highly confidential medical data.
  • There is concern about the compatibility between the source data and the tools used by the subcontractors.
  • Work progressed in the domestic on-site environment. We ensured the confidentiality of data by meeting the security standards of ISMS.
  • By properly managing the version control of the tools used, we have unified the environment for our customers and annotators. This ensures data integrity.
Number of tasks
10,000 items
Work Period
2 months
This is the point
  • Human Science builds advanced security environments on-site.
  • Achieve thorough data management with comprehensive security management and worker education.
  • Flexible support for introducing new annotation tools and updating versions.

Autonomous Driving AI Accuracy Improvement Project
For AI Technology Development Manufacturers

Required tasks
  • Annotation for improving autonomous driving technology. Tagging is performed by specifying objects and areas based on drive recorder footage.
  • Planning for long-term operation, but the work content is monotonous and the retention rate of annotators is low. Additionally, even if excellent annotators are nurtured, they leave quickly.
  • We have selected and organized a team of qualified personnel for this project from our contracted annotators.
  • Regular meetings are held within the team. We stabilize quality and productivity by creating a system that does not leave annotators' questions unanswered.
  • Regularly implemented reassignment of responsibilities and team movements. By making changes to the environment while ensuring quality, we were able to maintain the motivation and sense of accomplishment of the annotators.
Number of tasks
Over 6,000 items
Work Period
6 months or more
This is the point
  • Human Science will organize a team with personnel suitable for the project's tasks from resources directly contracted by Human Science.
  • Create changes and a sense of achievement even after the start of the project to maintain the annotators' motivation. Stabilize the quality of work by connecting to long-term employment.

AI Assistant User Request Understanding Improvement Project
Global IT Company
Required tasks
  • To ensure that the AI assistant correctly understands the user's voice request and can perform the desired action.
  • Workers evaluate the understanding of AI by tagging each action taken by AI.
  • I want to build a team of 40 members within 2 months.
  • Working in a security room is essential due to the highly confidential nature of the project.
  • The task requires a high level of difficulty, as well as insight and judgment, so we want to proceed with the work only with skilled annotators. Training for annotators is essential before starting the actual work.
  • It is difficult in terms of cost to secure resources from our own company.
  • First, we started the project in our existing security room and then newly established a new security room where 40 people can work in 1.5 months.
  • We have established a team structure and training program based on the proficiency of the annotators. By actively sharing and updating knowledge, we have been able to improve and stabilize the quality.
Number of tasks
About 450,000 items
Work Period
6 months
This is the point
  • Human Science provides security rooms that meet your standards. We also respond promptly to expansions.
  • Thorough security education for annotators. Achieve project management that meets high security standards in both resources and environment.
  • By sharing information and communicating closely among members, we support the proficiency of annotators. This enables cost reduction through shortened training periods and improved productivity.



Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQ

I am worried if we can have the right personnel to work on the project.
At Human Science, we verify the work content before starting a project and assign personnel that are suitable for its characteristics. By assigning resources directly contracted by our company, we achieve effective team formation that utilizes the aptitude and past experiences of each member.
I would like you to deliver a part of the deliverables in the early stages of the project.
Yes. We will respond. We will proceed with the subsequent project after receiving a review of the actual deliverables at an early stage and confirming that there are no discrepancies in the definition and interpretation of the work requirements.
There is also an explanation below about the overall flow of the project.
>>Flow until delivery
Is it possible to participate simultaneously in the cloud from here using the annotation tool used in the work?
Yes. It is possible. We can issue an account for you to check the progress and provide feedback during the project. Real-time communication with the project manager and the assigned staff is also possible.

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