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Annotation Industry-Specific Use Cases for IT Industry

Data annotation outsourcing service for the IT industry

Data annotation outsourcing
helps reduce the workload of data scientists and engineers,
contributing to promoting DX.

We have a proven track record of providing high-quality instructional data in various fields such as images, videos, audio, and text.

  • AI-driven Product Management Services
    Tagging each product using images taken of the product display shelves. This allows for real-time monitoring of inventory and stock shortages.
  • Improving the Accuracy of Voice Assistants
    Transcribing user speech into text and tagging specific terms. Evaluating whether the voice assistant correctly understands the intention of the speech, and using it to improve the accuracy of voice recognition AI installed in smartphones and smart home appliances.
  • Automatic Recognition Development for Invoices
    Tagging the items such as amount and name on the invoice image with bounding boxes. This will help automate the previously manual invoice processing.

Translation, Documentation, and Annotation Achievements

Features of Human ScienceFeature

  • Extensive track record in natural language processing
    In creating training data for natural language AI development, sufficient knowledge, experience, and background in related fields are required. Our company has been in the business of natural language, such as translation and technical writing, for over 35 years since its founding. Since 2007, we have been ahead of the industry in starting our machine translation business, and we have a track record of handling many projects using morphological analysis, speech recognition, and OCR for translation model creation. Even for difficult projects that other companies may find challenging, we will respond to your requests by utilizing our comprehensive knowledge and past experience. Please feel free to consult with us.
  • Utilize the latest data annotation tools
    At our company, we are constantly introducing the latest data annotation tools to achieve further improvement and stabilization of quality. With the latest tools, it is possible for our clients to check progress and review deliverables after the project has started. Additionally, using the check function, it is possible to mechanically detect any omissions or common mistakes. Real-time communication with data annotators allows for immediate consideration and dissemination of any additional standards or rules after the project has started.
  • Multilingual data annotation support
    At our company, we not only handle data annotation in Japanese, but also in multiple languages. Utilizing the resources we have cultivated through our translation business, we are able to build teams that can handle work in multiple languages at any time. Our project managers, who oversee the management, have a proven track record of handling projects in various fields while directly communicating with engineers and data annotators in English.
  • Complete Information Security
    With our tool AnnoFab, which we use in our company, it is possible to build a system that cannot save data on local machines. It is also possible to restrict the work location by limiting the IP address. When sharing data in the cloud, we also support the use of highly secure services such as Amazon S3, as well as other services contracted by our clients.
  • Completed trial
    Our contracted data annotators are engaged
    At our company, we do not outsource work through crowdsourcing, but instead directly contract with reliable data annotators. While crowdsourcing may seem cost-effective at first glance, it can lead to unstable quality and unexpected cost overruns due to additional revisions and verification work.
    When hiring data annotators at our company, we always conduct interviews and trials. Even after the project has started, we ensure high-quality annotation by closely communicating and sharing important points and clarifying any ambiguities.

Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQ

I am worried if we can have the right personnel to work on the project.
At Human Science, we verify the work content before starting a project and assign personnel that are suitable for its characteristics. By assigning resources directly contracted by our company, we achieve effective team formation that utilizes the aptitude and past experiences of each member.
I am worried that the participating members will change every time because it is an intermittent project. Can we have the same project manager and team manager assigned to this project?
Even in intermittent projects, the same members are generally responsible for the work. This also applies to the Project Manager. We utilize knowledge and skills gained through experience to achieve stable project operations with high quality.
For security reasons, we would like to request on-site work instead of remote work.
Yes. We will respond. We will respond to your requests such as using the security room at our cleared ISMS standard Shinjuku office and resident at customer facilities. There are also cases where we have newly arranged dedicated work facilities for large-scale projects. >>Experience and Case Studies CASE03
I would like to proceed with the project in English. I also want to operate all work manuals, tools used, and feedback after the work has started in English. Is this possible?
Yes. We will respond. We will organize the team with personnel who can understand and operate in English as it is. It is possible to proceed with the project just like in Japanese without spending time or cost on translation.
Is it possible to do data annotation for foreign language natural language processing?
At Human Science, even for offshore projects, we conduct project management similar to domestic projects. Customer alignment and quality control are handled in Japan. Communication with on-site personnel is also directly handled by our project managers in English. We are able to provide high-quality training data that is comparable to domestic production.
Offshore projects are concerned about work quality.
Yes. It is possible. We will utilize the resources and experience we have gained through our translation and localization business to provide support. We have experience in creating teacher data for English and Taiwanese. Please contact us for more information.
Can I consult with the project manager and communicate even after the actual work has started?
Yes. We will respond. We offer meetings and feedback opportunities according to your requests. We also offer the use of Slack or Teams.
Can you extract necessary parts from a video as an image?
Yes. We will respond.
Is it possible to request data cleansing?
Yes. We will respond.
I would like you to deliver a part of the deliverables in the early stages of the project.
Yes. We will respond. At an early stage, we will review the actual deliverables and proceed with the project after confirming that there are no discrepancies in the definition and interpretation of the work requirements. Below is an explanation of the overall flow of the project.
>>Flow until delivery
Is it possible to participate simultaneously in the cloud from here using the annotation tool used in the work?
Yes. It is possible. We can issue an account for you to check the progress and provide feedback during the project. Real-time communication with the project manager and the assigned staff is also possible.


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