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Marketing Translation

Attractive translations that encourage customer behavior

There are unique challenges in translating websites and product brochures that are not present in manual translation.
Simply conveying the features and benefits of your company's products and services accurately and clearly is not enough. To actively encourage the adoption of your products and services, it is necessary to have highly appealing translations that enhance their attractiveness and prompt specific actions from customers.
Human Science provides support for your promotional activities in the Japanese market through translation and localization.

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Solutions by Concern

Task 1
The text is difficult to read in literal translation.

It is important to accurately translate the original English text, but if you focus too much on that, the Japanese can become difficult to read. This is a problem that can occur if you proceed in the same way as with manual translation.


Easy-to-read and easy-to-understand Japanese expressions

Human Science Co., Ltd. was founded in 1985 as a Japanese manual production company. For over 30 years, we have cultivated skills in Japanese expression. We have confidence in our ability to create easy-to-read and easy-to-understand content that also appeals to the attractiveness of the product and generates a desire for introduction.
In addition, we treat product translation and marketing translation as separate genres and have established different criteria and processes for recruiting and training translators in order to discover and nurture professionals in marketing translation.

Task 2
Easy to read Japanese, but not fully understanding the product or technology.

Without a thorough understanding of the products, services, and underlying technology, the translation may be incorrect to begin with.


Translation backed by extensive and deep IT expertise

At Human Science, we achieve stable translation quality with our unique know-how accumulated from over 20 years of IT translation/localization experience.
We have three members with technical backgrounds such as former SE and programmers, as well as experienced pre-sales staff, ensuring translation quality from the customer's perspective.

Task 3
Inconsistent terminology

There are inevitably limitations to terminology consistency when it comes to human translation. This is a common issue that occurs when translation tools are not utilized.


Advanced Terminology Standardization through Utilization of Translation Tools

In addition to industry-standard translation tools, we also utilize our own proprietary tools to ensure consistency in terminology and expression.

Task 4
The Japanese is not suitable for each marketing tool such as website, pamphlet, etc.

Even with the same marketing tools, the level of informality required in company pamphlets and blogs may differ. It is necessary to accurately understand the target and purpose of the item and choose the most appropriate expression.


Optimal approach based on the purpose and usage of the item

We provide marketing translations that move hearts with the most suitable expressions required to achieve your goals, according to the purpose and purpose of each item. In addition to simple rewriting, we also propose translation plans tailored to your needs, such as Transcreation.

Sales and Marketing Translation Rewrite Example

Here is a sample of the actual rewrite.

(Sample Example 1)

Source They are highly active mobile users and are unfortunately subject to a number of risks.
Before Rewrite They are very <font id="1">active mobile users, but unfortunately they are exposed to various risks.
After Rewrite They are actively using <font id="1">mobile devices. <font id="3">As a result, they are exposed to various risks.

(Sample Example 2)

Source Furthermore, all-too-familiar car door swings open to the same risks we face with PCs and mobile devices. But instead of information theft risks, we could have far more damaging consequences.
Before Rewrite In addition, <font id="1">the same risks that occur on PCs and mobile devices can also arise from familiar car doors. However, we may face significant damage instead of the risk of information theft.
After Rewrite Furthermore, the same risks that occur on PCs and mobile devices can also occur in cars. <font id="1">Moreover, in the case of cars, there is a possibility of much greater damage, <font id="3">not to mention the theft of information.

(Sample Example 3)

Source We know translation isn’t your core business. We can help get you through difficult translation challenges effectively.
Before Rewrite Translation is not your <font id="1">main job. GB Company will effectively solve difficult challenges related to your translation.
After Rewrite Your main business is in a different field from translation. <font id="1">GB Company, specializing in translation, will effectively solve any difficult challenges related to your translation needs.

(Sample Example 4)

Source Securing the complex information systems and protected financial information of today’s financial institutions.
Before Rewrite Today's financial institutions use complex information systems. These systems protect financial information owned by the institutions.
After Rewrite In today's financial institutions, <font id="1">highly complex information systems are used. Financial institutions hold <font id="3">important financial information in <font id="5">large quantities. GB Company's products ensure the <font id="7">secure protection of these systems and data.

Sales and Marketing Translation Process

In Human Science's sales and marketing translation, an additional step called "rewrite" is added to the normal translation flow.
Depending on the industry, product, target audience, etc., we consider what we want to convey and what we want to emphasize, and perform a rewrite to ensure appropriate expression for the nature of the marketing tool (white paper, SNS, brochure, etc.).


Supported Items

  • Website
  • Brochure
  • Datasheet
  • White Paper
  • Presentation Materials
  • Infographic
  • Email
  • Letter
  • Press Release
  • Promotional Video &
    Film & Subtitles
  • Blog

Supported Languages

We primarily offer translation services from English to Japanese, but if you require translation in other languages, please contact us for more information.

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