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Manual Translation

Over 25 years of manual translation history
More than 20,816 achievements for global companies

Over 20,816 translation records have been achieved since 1994 using translation support tools.
We have continuously translated IT and manufacturing documents for domestic and international companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Mitsubishi Electric, and Canon.
We will propose the best quality, cost, and schedule for our clients.

Transaction History



Supported Languages

English (US, UK, Australian)
Asian LanguagesChinese (Simplified/Traditional), Korean, Thai, Lao, Malay, Vietnamese, Burmese, Tagalog, Indonesian, Turkish, Hindi, Kazakh
Western languagesFrench, Italian, German, Spanish, Iberian Portuguese, Dutch, Greek
Eastern European LanguagesCzech, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Slovak, Estonian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Belarusian, Georgian, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Armenian, Macedonian



1. Consultants who are well-versed in the points of manual translation will be in charge.

With the progress of globalization, the business environment for exporting companies has become more challenging. As a result, many challenges have arisen in the field of translation for overseas markets.
Specialized consultants carefully listen to and address issues such as "high translation costs," "the need for quick translations," and "complaints from local companies about poor translation quality."
Experienced translation consultants will solve your company's concerns regarding overseas expansion.

Tokuda Ai

Megumi Tokuda / Technical Writer / Localization Project Manager / Machine Translation Consultant with 12 years of experience

Engaged in creating documentation projects for overseas markets, from creating Japanese manuals to expanding into English and multiple languages.

[Manual Creation/Seminar Speaker Experience]Since 2013, I have been speaking at various domestic and international events such as JTF※1, AAMT※2, TAUS※3, and TC Symposium※4.

※1 The Japan Association of Translators
※2 Asia Pacific Machine Translation Association
※3 Translation Automation Users Society
※4 Organized by the Technical Communicator Association

Takeyoshi Nakayama

Takeyoshi Nakayama / Machine Translation Consultant / Localization Engineer and Translation Reviewer with 10 years of experience

Engaged in consulting for introducing machine translation and developing various tools to support translation/review.

[Translation Seminar Speaker Experience]From 2011 to present, I have given lectures on "Machine Translation," "Translator Training," and "Translation Review" at JTF※1, LocWorld※2, TAUS※3, and Fellow Academy.

※1 Japan Translation Federation
※2 Localization World (GALA)
※3 Translation Automation Users Society

2. Global support is possible because we support 40 languages.

At Human Science, we have been providing document translation services for leading global companies such as Apple, Microsoft, HP, and Oracle.
We also have confidence in localizing manuals by utilizing our expertise.

3. Utilizing the latest technologies such as GitHub to achieve shortened development time and reduced communication costs

At Human Science Co., Ltd., we not only create manuals using common tools such as PowerPoint and Word, but also have established manual creation methods using the latest technologies from overseas, such as GitHub, CMS, wikiworks, and Confluence.
By utilizing these latest technologies, we are able to reduce communication costs and shorten the time to complete manuals.

4. Deep knowledge and understanding of industries and business cultivated over 30 years, with a focus on IT and manufacturing

Without a deep understanding of the business, manual translation is not possible.
Human Science has been engaged in manual creation for over 30 years, mainly in the IT and manufacturing industries, and therefore has a thorough knowledge of the industry and business.
In addition, we have accumulated support for various companies as know-how, so we do not overlook the points when dropping manuals that cannot be noticed by our own company.

Translation Services

Manufacturing field
  • FA, Measuring Instruments, Analytical Equipment, Machine Tools (Sequencers, Inverters, Control Systems, CAD/CAM Software)
  • Power Generation and Plant
  • Electrical equipment (PC, printer, copier, scanner, projector, multifunction device, smartphone, etc.)
  • Optical equipment, video equipment, audio equipment (digital cameras, lenses, video cameras, car navigation systems, etc.)
  • Electronic devices, electronic components, semiconductors, panel displays
  • Automobile (Owner's Manual, Service Manual, Repair Manual)
IT field
  • OS Package
  • Office application
  • IT equipment (computers, printers, copiers, scanners, projectors, multifunction devices, mobile phones, smartphones, etc.)
  • Server and storage related products
  • ERP/Core Business System (Payroll Management, Customer Management, Financial Management, Reports, Accounting)
  • BI Software
  • Groupware
  • Security Software
  • Database Management Software
  • SDK (Software Development Specifications), Game Engine, Ajax Framework

Translated Items

  • User manual
  • Operation Manual
    Business Manual
  • Online Help
    Embedded Help
  • Maintenance
  • System Operation
  • Store Operations
    Manual, Handbook
  • For Technical Professionals
  • SDK (Software Development Specifications)

Translation Support Tool

  • Trados
  • MTrans for Phrase TMS (formerly known as Memsource)
  • Transit
  • Catalyst
  • Passolo
  • SDLX
  • memoQ

Translation Supported (Handled) File Formats

Microsoft OfficeWord、Excel、PowerPoint
Tagged Documentwiki、HTML、XHTML、XML、DITA
DTP FileFrameMaker、InDesign、Quark、PageMaker
OtherMP4, Illustrator, etc.

For those who want to know more about translation

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Nagoya: +81-52-269-8016

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