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Human Science has over 20,816 translation records since 1994 using translation support tools.

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5 Strengths in English Translation

Human Science's English translation services cover not only large-scale translations, but also cost-cutting through the use of automatic translation and translations that reflect local laws and regulations.
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1. Translation in accordance with overseas standards and laws

Local laws, regulations, and the use of units and symbols vary by country and region, including China's GB standards. There are various local rules.
In some countries and regions, it may become discriminatory or inappropriate expressions.
For example, in European (Iberian) Spanish, the word "coger" meaning "to reserve" can have a vulgar meaning in Latin Spanish, so it is not appropriate to use it in manuals.
At Human Science, we provide translations by native translators who take into account the terminology and customs used in the country or region of shipment.




2. Experienced translators with on-site knowledge provide accurate translations.

In the field of translation, background knowledge about the subject matter is essential. For example, someone who has not studied law cannot accurately translate legal documents. Someone without on-site knowledge cannot properly translate technical documents such as industry manuals.
At Human Science Co., Ltd., we have specialized teams for each industry, such as industrial/manufacturing and system industries, and for nearly 30 years, we have handled translations of various genres such as business manuals and instruction manuals.
We offer translations that are unique to Human Science Co., Ltd., which is well-versed in the industry and business.




3. The latest workflow system adopted worldwide and
stable business execution with systematized project management

Human Science's project management methodology is not individualistic, but follows the international standard system for project management, PMBOK, and is carefully constructed according to common procedures. Therefore, each project is free from individuality and can be carried out with stable operations by any responsible person.
In addition, the workflow system utilizes the latest system specialized in translation, "Plunet".
Through the expertise of people and the latest technology, we achieve the best QCD.




4. Achieving Efficient Translation and Quality Improvement through Active Utilization of the Latest Technology

Many of the latest technologies are born in Europe and the United States and are being introduced on a global level.
Our company is a member of international industry organizations such as GALA (Globalization and Localization Association), and not only keeps up with the latest technology trends, but also leads the industry in their domestic deployment.
We offer our own language technology services that combine various technologies and tools to achieve high levels of translation efficiency and quality improvement. By utilizing various technologies freely at each stage of translation, we maximize the cost performance of our business.





5. Equipped with a translator education system that affects the quality.
Achieving continuous quality improvement.

Translators are an important profession that greatly influences the final quality of translation and localization. In that sense, we believe that an education system for translators is of great importance.
Human Science quantifies the work of translators in each project with over 100 unique criteria and stores all results in a database to manage their level.
Translators are able to check their results in numerical form and also review specific feedback documents that detail correction points, suggestions, and guidance, which helps them improve for their next task.
The current feedback in our database totals 12,529 cases.
This amount is six times the amount of exercises performed in a one-year course at a translation school.
Our translators are already an elite group who have passed through a narrow gate with a pass rate of less than 8% during the trial period, but by further developing them through our feedback system, we are able to achieve even higher levels of quality.

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