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Task 01Translation takes too much time!

Translation takes too much time!

  • Must release all languages simultaneously
  • Need to translate a large number of manuals in a short period of time
  • Frequent changes in development specifications. The toll during the translation period...

By utilizing our own tools and implementing management methods, we are able to shorten translation time.


1. We propose the shortest delivery time by adjusting the capacity to its fullest.

Human Science has more than 30 registered translators for each language. We adjust our team according to the workload and delivery deadlines.



Shortened Schedule Example

Shortened Schedule Example



Translation System of Human Science Co., Ltd.

Translation System of Human Science Co., Ltd.


※English and Chinese: 60 or more people

2. Utilizing Groupshare TM to further shorten translation time

Translation by multiple translators - Utilizing Groupshare TM -

At Human Science Co., Ltd., we utilize SDL's translation support tools, Trados and Groupshare TM, to further speed up our translation work.

Groupshare TM is a system for sharing translation databases (translation memories) and glossaries online. By having multiple translators and reviewers working together to update the translation database in real-time, it is possible to shorten the translation period.

  • Before Implementation BEFORE Traditional translation by multiple people
  • After Implementation Translation companies also have their own strengths, specialties, and areas of weakness.

Benefits: Improved Quality

By sharing translation databases (translation memories) and glossaries online, even when translated by multiple translators, it can prevent variations in terminology and expressions, leading to improved quality.

3. Simultaneous Progress in Japanese, English, and Multiple Languages. Smooth Simultaneous Shipping of Products.

In recent years, specification changes have occurred until just before delivery, and simultaneous shipment of products has become common.
Human Science Co., Ltd. achieves simultaneous shipment of products by translating into English and other languages during the creation of the Japanese version.


Smooth simultaneous shipment of products



Human Science Co., Ltd. not only shortens the translation period, but also performs quality management to ensure that changes in Japanese manual specifications are reflected in English and multilingual manuals.

  • Manage specification change information in "differential management sheet"
    in bulk.


    For each project, we create and operate "Operation Guidelines" and "Checklists" to ensure that changes to the Japanese manual are accurately reflected in the multilingual manual.
  • "Regular meetings" and "weekly progress reports" will be conducted to provide progress updates and share information with clients.


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