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Task 02Poor quality and many complaints!

Poor quality and many complaints!

  • Too busy to do quality checks, have no choice but to outsource to a translation company
  • Specialized terminology is translated correctly anywayWorry
  • Frequently pointed out by local subsidiaries, sales companies, and natives
Where is the fundamental problem with poor quality?
"There are various reasons such as "the original text is difficult to understand" and "the translation level is low".
What is "good quality" in the first place? Let's start by setting quality standards that clearly define the purpose and target audience of the translated material.

Flow of Quality Translation Evaluation

Flow of English Evaluation

    • Contact Form, or please contact us by phone.
    • ○Understanding the current situation
    • ○Confirmation of Concerns and Requests
    • Confirm the scope, perspective, and quality standards of the analysis.
    • ○ Conduct Translation Evaluation
    • (Evaluation by native translators and translation directors)
    • Submission of Analysis Report
    • ○ Improvement proposals based on evaluation and analysis results
    • Submit Translation Examples and Samples



1. Hearing

Clarifying the Purpose of Manual and Translation Text ~ Defining Quality Standards

"For internal documents, as long as there are no mistranslations, it's okay."
"Since it's a manual for home appliances, it's essential to have consistent expressions to prevent confusion during operation."
"The required level of translation varies depending on the media and purpose."
"At Human Science, we first clarify the purpose of manuals and translated texts."

Example of Interview Items
・Is the user a native English speaker or non-native?
・Is the target audience technical personnel or general users?
・Will it be read overseas or distributed within Japan?
・Is the medium a website, catalog, or manual?
・Priority (cost, schedule, quality)

2. Evaluation and Analysis

Based on the first interview, we will conduct an evaluation and analysis by qualified translators and translation directors who have passed the trial in their specialized field.

Human Science's Translator Selection and Management Process

Translator Management

Translator Evaluation Sheet

Translator Management Sheet

After going through the above process, experienced translators and DTP operators will evaluate your translation text from the following five perspectives.

  • 1. Rule Compliance: Are you following instructions and style guides?
  • 2. Expression: mistranslation, omission, readability
  • 3. Consistency: Are there any variations in terminology, expressions, or translations? Does it match the UI screen?
  • 4. Careless Mistakes: Grammar Mistakes, Spelling Mistakes
  • 5. Local Optimization: Are language rules (number format, date format, etc.), currency, units of measurement, laws, regulations, etc. appropriate for the country/region where they are used?

In addition, we define and analyze the severity of errors.
For example, "translation errors" are considered the most serious errors.

Item Example Importance
1 Translation error Translation omissions, mistranslations, expressions that can be interpreted differently from the original text High
2 Inappropriate terms and expressions Inappropriate terms and expressions for manuals
3 Unnatural Expressions Unnatural sentence as translation language
4 Grammar Error Grammatical errors, incorrect articles
5 Formal Error Spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, capitalization errors
6 Inconsistency in the manual Inconsistent terms and expressions within the manual Low



Evaluation Report Sample

Evaluation Report Sample
Evaluation Report Sample
Evaluation Report Sample

3. Improvement Proposal

In the analysis and evaluation report, we will inform you of improvement points.


Case Studies

  • ・Advice on organization and processes
  • ・Glossary・Maintenance of Style Guide
  • ・Check Method・Proposal for Check Tool Implementation
  • ・Checklist Consulting (Creating a checklist tailored to the customer's situation)
  • - Review by native check
  • ・English Brush-up (including corrections)
    ※We will propose one of the following services for review and English brush-up, depending on cost and requirements.

    • - Cost-focused: Proofreading of only the translated English text (checking for spelling, grammar, and other English expressions)
    • - Emphasis on Quality: Conduct a comparison check between the translated English text and the original Japanese text (in addition to checking for spelling, grammar, and other aspects of English expression, also review for mistranslations and any discrepancies with the Japanese text)

Translation Services (Handled) Fields

IT field

  • Core Business Systems (Payroll Management, Customer Management, Financial Management, etc.)
  • Web Application
  • Package Software
  • Communication and Internet

Manufacturing field

  • Electrical equipment (PC, printer, copier, scanner, projector, multifunction device, mobile phone, smartphone, etc.)
  • Optical equipment, video equipment, audio equipment (digital cameras, lenses, video cameras, car navigation systems, etc.)
  • Measuring Instruments, Analytical Equipment, Machine Tools
  • Electronic devices, electronic components, semiconductors, panel displays
  • Automobile

Retail, Distribution, and Marketing Field

Education, Human Resource Development, and Training Field

Medical field



Translation Supported (Handled) Languages

English (US, UK, Australian)
Asian Languages Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Korean, Thai, Lao, Malay, Vietnamese, Burmese, Tagalog, Indonesian, Turkish, Hindi, Kazakh
Western languages French, Italian, German, Spanish, Iberian Portuguese, Dutch, Greek
Eastern European Languages Czech, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Slovak, Estonian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Belarusian, Georgian, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Armenian, Macedonian
Nordic languages Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish
Middle Eastern Languages Arabic and Hebrew
North American Languages Canadian French
South American Languages Brazilian Portuguese, Latin Spanish, Mexican Spanish



Customer Feedback

"We have requested an evaluation of the English version of our manual. Until now, we have simply entrusted the translation to a translation company, and have been unsure whether the quality is good or bad. Thanks to the free translation quality evaluation service, we were able to identify the current issues with our translation and it was a great help.
We also plan to request a brush-up of the English text in order to improve the current issues with our translation."

(Medical software company manual production representative)

Machine Translation (Automatic Translation) Implementation Examples: Web Manuals, FAQ 25 Language Deployment              

"We received objective advice and support on improving the quality of English documents and introducing machine translation from a neutral position as a machine translation consultant."
(Client from a Tokyo Stock Exchange listed domestic electrical manufacturer)

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