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Task 03The translation cost is too high!

Translation cost is too high!

  • I want to reduce costs without compromising quality somehow
  • Machine Translation (Automatic Translation/ MT/ Machine Translation) I want to try it out.
  • Multilingual Expansion is desired, but language budget cannot be secured.
Introducing the latest technology such as machine translation (automatic translation/ MT/ Machine Translation) to achieve cost reduction.


1. Cost reduction through machine translation (MT)

Machine translation (automatic translation/ MT/ Machine Translation) is said to have reached a practical level since the emergence of neural machine translation. At Human Science, we utilize our experience in handling various machine translations in the field of translation to propose solutions using machine translation.

Services Offered

  • Machine Translation Implementation Consulting
  • Consulting Examples
    ・Quality standard setting
    ・Selecting MT engine from 2-3 types
    ・Building workflow
  • Pre-edit for improving machine translation quality
  • Post-edit
  • Machine Translation Quality Evaluation

We, Human Science Co., Ltd., a translation company that understands the characteristics of machine translation, can propose a cost reduction method through a combination of machine translation and human translation. For more information on Human Science's machine translation services, please see our Machine Translation and Automatic Translation Services.



For the success of the Machine Translation (MT) project

At Human Science Co., Ltd., we consider the introduction of machine translation by analyzing the target documents, target readers, and cost-effectiveness.

  • Benefits such as cost reduction and shortened delivery time
  • Disadvantages such as decreased customer satisfaction, damaged brand image, and impact on after-sales support.

We will compare and consider from various angles.

In major Western companies, it is believed that introducing machine translation is most effective for materials with a limited target audience and a large volume, such as support information web pages and documents for developers.
Documents suitable for machine translation

The key to the success of machine translation lies in the agreement between both parties on how much editing should be done in post-editing. Human Science will propose the best solution based on our extensive track record.



Utilizing Translation Memory (TM)

By combining traditional TM data with machine translation, we can utilize existing TMs without wasting them.
For areas where we can reuse previous translations, we will use translations from the TM, and for new translation areas, we will use machine-translated text. We will achieve an efficient project that ensures consistency with translations while also demonstrating cost-effectiveness.


Using Dictionaries

By continuously utilizing dictionaries, we will improve the quality level of translated texts. It is also possible to utilize existing glossaries.


MT Evaluation

We verify and evaluate the quality of MT engines. Please use us as a second opinion to create more practical and effective MT.


Post-editor training

Post-editors are required to not only understand the characteristics of machine translation, but also have the ability to quickly determine where and how to correct machine-translated sentences to make them accurate. Post-editing is not something that anyone can do, and it requires skilled translators or reviewers to perform the task. Our company has established an education program to train post-editors.


Post-edit Guideline Development

We have established our own guidelines for post-editing based on our experience with MT. With this as our foundation, we provide post-editing services tailored to our clients' needs, ensuring a consistent level of editing after machine translation.



Workflow Example

Workflow Example

By implementing a machine translation workflow while keeping the key points in mind, some projects were able to achieve a cost reduction of 27.5%.


Cost Reduction Examples

Cost Reduction Examples

The cost reduction rate varies depending on the document to be translated, the desired translation quality, and the status of past translation assets.
Please feel free to contact us. For more information on Human Science's machine translation services, please see Machine Translation and Automatic Translation Services.

2. Translation Process Maximizing Database Utilization

We build a translation database (translation memory) and achieve cost reduction by reusing past translated texts.
In particular, for translations such as manuals, user guides, and specifications, significant cost reduction is possible by utilizing past translations to a considerable extent.

・Frequent updates and model changes
・Many similar lineups and related products

At Human Science Co., Ltd., we propose cost reduction through a more reusable translation process for databases.

Process Example

Process Example

※The reuse rate (= cost reduction amount) varies depending on the content of the manual document.

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