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Patent Translation

Translation of specialized documents with a combination of human expertise and technology
while keeping delivery time and cost low

At Human Science, we actively utilize the latest technology and combine various techniques and tools to provide our unique language technology services, achieving high levels of efficiency and quality in translation. By utilizing various technologies, we maximize the cost performance of our business.
In addition, our translators at Human Science are highly skilled, having passed through a narrow gate with a pass rate of less than 8%. Furthermore, we manage the level of our translators by quantifying over 100 items with our own criteria for each project and storing the results in a database.

Document Support

Document Support
  • ● Patent application specification (specification, claims, abstract, drawings, etc.)
  • ●Intermediate Processing Documents (Rejection Notification, Opinion Document, Correction Document, etc.)
  • ●Other Patent-Related Documents
Supported Fields

Electronics, Electrical, Machinery, Semiconductors, IT, Telecommunications, Chemicals, Materials, Bio, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

Our Strengths

Achieving high quality at low cost and short delivery time through the active use of the latest technology and a thorough commitment to language since its founding.

Many of the latest technologies are born in Europe and the United States and are being introduced on a global level. However, at our company, we not only keep up with the trends of cutting-edge technology, but also lead the industry in its domestic deployment. We combine various technologies and tools to provide our own language technology services, which achieve high levels of translation efficiency and quality improvement. Starting with Japanese manual creation, our strong desire to provide our customers with the best possible Japanese documents remains unchanged. This spirit also lives on in our translation and localization services, where we have dedicated technical reviewers and linguistic reviewers in-house, ensuring thorough quality control by reviewing every sentence in every project.

Overwhelming track record in translation services

Human Science has received translation requests from many domestic and foreign companies in various fields such as software, manufacturing, IT, automotive, and distribution for manual translation, GUI translation, UI translation, software translation, system translation, instruction manual translation, and help translation. Our translation and localization track record exceeds 17,522 projects.






Fully equipped with a translator education system that affects the quality.
We are achieving continuous quality improvement.

Translators are an important profession that greatly affects the final quality of translation and localization. In that sense, we believe that an education system for translators is of great importance.
Human Science quantifies the work of translators in each project with over 100 unique criteria and stores all results in a database, allowing for level management of translators.
Translators are able to review their results in numerical form and also use detailed feedback documents that describe points for improvement, suggestions, and guidance to review and improve their work for the next project.
The current feedback in the database totals 12,529 cases.
This amount is six times the amount of exercises performed in a year-long course at a translation school.
Our translators are already an elite group who have passed through a narrow gate with a pass rate of less than 8% during the trial period, but by further developing these translators through our feedback system, we are able to achieve even higher levels of quality.

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