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We have a wealth of experience working with major global companies.

Human Science offers translation services for manuals, GUI, UI, software, systems, instruction manuals, and help documents in a wide range of fields such as software, manufacturing, IT, automotive, and distribution. We have received translation requests from many domestic and foreign companies.
We also offer translation services for educational materials such as e-learning. We will propose the best quality, cost, and schedule for our clients.

1. Achieve efficient translation and improved quality through active utilization of the latest technology.

Many of the latest technologies are born in Europe and the United States, and are being introduced at a global level.
Our company is a member of international industry organizations such as GALA (Globalization and Localization Association), and not only keeps up with the trends of cutting-edge technology, but also leads the industry in its domestic expansion.
We offer our own language technology services that combine various technologies and tools to achieve high levels of efficiency and quality in translation. By utilizing various technologies at each stage of translation, we maximize the cost performance of our business.



2. We provide translations that have been lived with experienced engineers who have on-site knowledge.

In the field of translation, background knowledge about the subject matter is essential.
For example, someone who has not studied law cannot accurately translate legal documents. Similarly, someone without technical knowledge about systems cannot properly translate IT documents.
In addition, when translating software manuals, it is necessary to align the operation of the software itself with the content described in the manual. Therefore, we perform the task of "testing" or "QA" to verify whether the software's advanced operations can be reproduced on the system and whether the operations described in the manual can be performed. This type of work requires engineers with extensive technical skills.
At Human Science Co., Ltd., we have a specialized team for system development within our company and have been working on various development projects for almost 30 years. By closely collaborating with engineers with various technical skills and translation/localization specialists, we are able to timely and effectively solve many technical challenges.

3. We deliver high-quality translations with a strong commitment to precise language since our establishment.

At our company, which started with manual creation in Japanese, we have always had a strong desire to provide our customers with the best possible Japanese documents.
This spirit also lives on in our translation and localization services, where we have dedicated technical reviewers and linguistic reviewers in-house, ensuring thorough quality control by reviewing every sentence in every project.
In addition, we have a systematic quality assurance system as a company, rather than relying on a few experienced translators, allowing us to consistently provide high-quality services for large-scale and specialized projects.

4. Systematize project management know-how. Achieve stable operations without personal dependence.

At Human Science Co., Ltd., regardless of the size, we assign a dedicated project manager for each project and strive to maintain the same point of contact from beginning to end.
Having a different point of contact for each stage of the project can lead to a lack of overall perspective and judgement.
In addition, the project management methods used by each project manager are not dependent on individual abilities, but are based on the international standard system for project management, PMBOK, and follow a carefully crafted set of common procedures (see diagram on the right).
By implementing this approach, we are able to avoid common issues such as "the previous contact was good, but the quality of work has decreased since the contact changed."

5. Equipped with a translator education system that affects the quality. We are achieving continuous quality improvement.

Translators are an important profession that greatly affects the final quality of translation and localization. In that sense, we believe that an education system for translators is of great importance.
Human Science quantifies the work of translators in each project with over 100 unique criteria and stores all results in a database, allowing for level management of translators.
Translators are able to review their results in numerical form and also use detailed feedback documents that describe points for improvement, suggestions, and guidance to review and improve their work for the next project.
The current feedback in our database totals 12,529 cases.
This amount is six times the amount of exercises performed in a year-long course at a translation school.
Our translators are already an elite group who have passed through a narrow gate with a pass rate of less than 15% during the trial period, but by further developing these translators through our feedback system, we are able to achieve even higher levels of quality.

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