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Task 05I don't understand overseas laws and regulations!

Don't understand overseas laws and regulations!

  • First Overseas Expansion. How to incorporate local laws and regulations into our manuals?
  • Do you need to change the units and symbols depending on the country or region, even with the same English manual?
  • Chinese GB standards I don't know how to respond to them
We also have extensive expertise in dealing with regulations, ISO, and Chinese GB in various countries.

Checkpoints for Overseas Expansion

1. Symbol and Number Formats

For example, in the case of French, you need to pay attention to the following points.

  • Number Format (Digit Separators, Decimal Points)
    In French, it is common to use spaces (1 000) for digit separators and commas (3,5) for decimal points. However, depending on the project, there may be cases where commas (1,000) are used for digit separators, so it is necessary to clearly establish the usage rules beforehand.
  • Symbols and punctuation marks (quotation marks, apostrophes, parentheses, etc.)
    In French, the use of guillemets «» is common for double quotation marks “ ” in English. However, depending on the project, the same double quotation marks as in English may also be used, so it is necessary to clearly establish the usage rules beforehand.

The notation and formatting of symbols and numbers, such as quotation marks and apostrophes, differ in each language.
At Human Science, we create style guides for each language before translation, and provide translations that adhere to the rules of the target destination.



Display Methods for Each Language
Language Data annotation Thousands Separator Decimal point
English ” ” 1,000 1.0
French <<  >> 1 000 1,0
German 〟 〝 1.000 1,0
Spanish ” ” 1.000 1,0



Chinese Style Guide (Sample)

Chinese Style Guide Sample (1)
Chinese Style Guide Sample (2)



2. Laws, regulations, standards (GB, ISO, IEC)

For example, manuals issued in China must comply with GB standards (national standards, guo jia biao zhun).
These GB standards are different from Japan's JIS and are mandatory regulations that must be followed when creating manuals and operating instructions issued in China.
Human Science Co., Ltd. creates manuals that comply with GB standards and checks whether they are suitable for use in China with the help of GB experts.


Example of content specified in GB standards
  • ・Contents to be included in the instruction manual
  • ・Font Size
  • ・Regulations for including both Chinese and foreign languages
  • ・Safety marks, safety text, illustrations, symbols, etc.


For more information, please see our Chinese translation and GB standard compliance services.

3. Discriminatory language, inappropriate expressions

There may be cases where it becomes discriminatory or inappropriate depending on the country or region.
For example, the word "coger" meaning "to reserve" in European (Iberian) Spanish can have a vulgar meaning in Latin Spanish, so it is not appropriate to use it in manuals.
At Human Science, we provide translations by native translators who take into consideration the terms and customs used in the country or region of shipment.

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