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Task 04Many problems are caused by Japanese manuals!

Many problems are caused by Japanese manuals!

  • Written by technicians The sentences in Japanese manuals are difficult to understand
  • The terminology and expressions in the Japanese manual are inconsistent and causing confusion.
  • First of all, we need to do something about the Japanese manual...
If the quality of the Japanese document is poor, it will also affect the translated document.
There may be misinterpretations and mistranslations.

Before performing translation, let's "visualize" the text of the Japanese manual and improve the translation quality of English and multilingual manuals.

We will use the expertise gained from manual creation to identify problem areas through analysis and improvement reports for Japanese manuals.

Benefits of Japanese Manual Brush-up

Avoid mistranslations and low quality

Incorrect operation methods can lead to loss of trust and potential accidents.
Improving the quality of Japanese, English, and multilingual manuals will increase customer satisfaction.

Decrease in number of inquiries and responses to the help desk and support staff.

Some customers may find the manual difficult to understand and may burden the help desk.
Providing accurate and easy-to-understand manuals to users can also help reduce the operating costs of the help desk.

Translation Cost Reduction

Inconsistent terminology and expressions can also lead to a decrease in reuse rates when using translation memory tools such as Trados, resulting in increased costs.
By establishing conventions for unified terminology and expressions and writing Japanese manuals, cost reduction can also be expected.


Our team of experienced writers specializes in manual creation and translation services.

Contact Person Example


Writer A

Technical Writer with 20 years of experience

Production Results (Example)

・Copier Instruction Manual
・SDK (Software Development Specifications) Instruction Manual
・Customer/Financial Management System Operation Manual
・Seminar Text

Writer B

Technical Writer with 14 years of experience, 9 years of localization experience

Production Results (Example)

・Large-scale general-purpose server operation manual
・Home security instruction manual
・Car navigation system operation manual
・Inkjet printer operation manual
・Government agency business guide

Writer C

Translation Coordinator with 8 years of experience, Technical Writer with 4 years of experience

Production Results (Example)

・Document Management Server Operation Manual
・Home Appliance Instruction Manual
・Wind Power Generator Instruction Manual
・Instrument Operation Manual (8 Language Translation)
・Multifunction Printer Online Manual (16 Language Translation)
※Obtained Trados Certified Advanced Qualification


Manual Analysis and Evaluation Service

The cost will vary depending on the items, content, and deliverables (reports) of the analysis diagnosis.

※We also offer a free simple report service. Please feel free to contact us.



Cost Trial Plan 50,000 yen~
Standard Plan 400,000 yen~
*Prices may vary depending on manual volume, content, and diagnostic items.
Contact Us
  • Trial Plan
  • ・Analysis and Evaluation Report (1-2 pages)
  • Standard Plan
  • ・Analysis and Evaluation Report (5-15 pages)
  • ・Evaluation Score・Report on Radar Chart
  • ・Indicate points for correction
  • ・Sample Manual Sample
  • Manual Analysis and Evaluation Service Details



Japanese Evaluation Report Sample

Evaluation Results Sample Evaluation Results Sample



English and Multilingual Evaluation Report Sample

Case Study (Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.)
Improving Quality and Reducing Costs through Japanese Manual Creation with Overseas Expansion in Mind
Japanese Manual Analysis and Improvement Proposals
Technique Seminar for Document Creation to Support Multilingual Expansion

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