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Case Studies

Over 17,522 translation and localization achievements

Human Science Co., Ltd. receives translation requests from many domestic and foreign companies in a wide range of fields such as software, manufacturing, IT, automotive, and distribution for manual translation, GUI translation, UI translation, software translation, system translation, instruction manual translation, and help translation.
In addition to manual translation, we also handle the translation of educational materials such as e-learning.

Operation Manual Translation and User Manual Translation
Online Manual Translation and Help Translation Achievements

We will introduce our track record of translating operation manuals and instruction manuals by industry.

[Manufacturing (Machine Tools, FA)]
  • FA Sequencer Product Reference Manual Translation
  • FA Sequencer Product User Manual Translation
  • FA Inverter Product Manual Translation
  • Safety Instrumentation System Manual Translation
  • Translation of CAD/CAM Software Operation Manual
  • Laser Microscope Operation Manual Translation
  • Digital Microscope Operation Manual Translation
  • 3D Measuring Instrument Operation Manual Translation, Online Help Translation
  • Image Sensor Operation Manual Translation
[Manufacturing Industry (Other)]
[Manufacturing (office equipment, video equipment)]
  • Copy Machine Operation Manual Translation
  • Translation of Inkjet Printer Operation Manual
  • Translation of Laser Printer Operation Manual, Help Translation
  • Projector Operation Manual Translation
  • Scanner Operation Manual Translation
  • Electronic Paper Device Client/Server Operation Manual Translation
  • Surveillance Camera Operation Manual Translation
  • Advertisement Display and Production System Manual Translation
[Manufacturing (Consumer Products)]
  • Digital Camera User Manual Translation
  • Car Navigation System Operation Manual Translation
  • Car navigation iPhone app operation manual translation
  • Car Audio Operation Manual Translation
  • Audio Equipment Operation Manual Translation
  • Business PC Operation Manual Translation
  • [Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.] Windows, Office product localization
  • 【Hewlett-Packard Company (HP)】PC, printer, server product manual translation
  • ERP/Core Business System (Payroll Management, Customer Management, Financial Management, Reports, Accounting) Manual Translation
  • Database Management Software Manual Translation
  • Server and storage-related product manual translation
  • Security Software Manual Translation
  • Translation of EC Site Store Administrator Online Operation Manual
  • Internet Service Online Manual Translation 
  • Translation of 3DCG Application Manual
  • Report Infrastructure System HTML Manual Translation
  • BI Software Package HTML Manual Translation
  • Translation of Core Business System Package Operation Manual
  • Groupware Package Online Manual Translation
  • Translation of the HTML snippet: Large telecommunication company's internal business system operation manual translation
  • Resident Management System Operation Manual Translation
[Insurance/Medical & Pharmaceutical]
  • Medical Scanner Operation Manual Translation
  • Translation of Medical Insurance System Operation Manual
  • Pharmaceutical MR Activity Management System Operation Manual Translation

Translation Record of Technical Manual for Engineers・Translation Record of SDK (Software Development Specifications)

We will introduce our track record of translating technical manuals and SDK translations by industry.

[Manufacturing (Machine Tools, FA)]
  • Multifunction printer software developer specification document
  • Network Camera Developer Specification
  • Biometric Authentication System Developer Specification
  • Electronic Device/Semiconductor Datasheet (Technical Documentation)

Software, GUI, and UI (User Interface) Translation Achievements

We will introduce our track record of software, GUI, and UI (user interface) translation by industry.

[Manufacturing Industry]
  • Wide Format Printer UI Translation
  • Laser Printer UI Translation
  • OS Package UI Translation
[Insurance/Medical & Pharmaceutical]
・Translation of Medical Image Processing Applications

Marketing, Website Translation Achievements

  • Translation of Telecommunications Company Annual Report (Annual Business Report)
  • Translation of Telecommunications Company White Paper
  • Translation of ERP System User Support Website
  • Design and Construction Software Brochure Translation
  • Security Product Press Release Translation
  • Security Product Data Sheet Translation

Education and training materials and e-learning content translation achievements

We will introduce our track record in translating educational materials, training materials, and e-learning content.

  • Translation of the HTML snippet: PC, server product distributor sales representative training video translation
  • Translation of FA/PLC e-learning content for manufacturing companies
  • Manager Development Training Material Translation
  • Sales Management Training Material Translation
  • Manufacturing Company Information Security e-Learning Content Translation
  • Introduction to Statistics for Automotive Manufacturers e-Learning Content Translation
  • Automobile Manufacturer Purchasing System Operation e-Learning Content Translation
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturer's eDiscovery eLearning Content Translation

Business Manual Translation Achievements

Introducing our track record in business manual translation.

[Distribution Industry]
  • Retail Store Staff Handbook Translation
  • Convenience Store Store Operation Manual Translation
  • Convenience Store Training Handbook Translation

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