Achieve with Tool × Manual Improvement! ~Steps from Standardization to Establishment that Managers Should Know~

October 13, 2023

Achieve with Tool × Manual Improvement! ~Steps from Standardization to Establishment that Managers Should Know~

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Web Seminar on November 7, 2023 (Tuesday)


Achieve with Tool × Manual Improvement!
~Steps from Standardization to Establishment that Managers Should Know~

Will be held.


Recently, with the spread of telework and other forms of work, it has become possible to have a variety of working styles. According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, about 80% of companies that have introduced telework with the aim of improving labor productivity have responded that "productivity has increased." On the other hand, there are also companies that have reported a decrease in productivity. One possible factor for this is the "oral tradition culture" and "personalization of work."


Many companies are now working on developing SOPs and manuals in order to smoothly share knowledge and break away from oral traditions and individualization. However, it seems that this is not an easy task. We often hear the following voices from companies that have already started their efforts.


・Even though we went through the trouble of creating a manual, it is not being utilized at all in the field.

・Unable to find time, making and updating manuals does not progress

- Unable to establish a stable business quality despite creating a manual

・The knowledge sharing tool was introduced, but it has been left unused in the field.


To solve these challenges, it is necessary to introduce tools that support ease of searching for readers and ease of writing for writers, as well as improve the clarity of manuals. In this seminar, we will introduce the key points for establishing manuals in the field through the improvement of manual creation and management tools and the content of manuals, as well as actual success stories of manuals being established in the field through these efforts.


Managers who feel that the personalization of business is a risk, as well as business improvement personnel who have a mission to promote the maintenance and sharing of knowledge and manuals, please join us enthusiastically.


In addition, we will be happy to assist you with any concerns after the seminar.

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(First 3 groups)

Target Audience

・Those who see the localization of work as a risk and are considering solutions
・Those who want to standardize work and improve the quality of work
・Those who are considering introducing knowledge and manual sharing tools (systems)
・Those who are considering creating manuals through videos

※ Participation by other companies and individuals may be declined.

Participation Benefits

Participants of the seminar will receive the following benefits:
① Online individual consultation on business manual maintenance (free)
② Online individual consultation on internal information sharing tools (free)
③ AI manual creation tool "Toaster Team" trial, normally 14 days, now 30 days (free)
④ "Business Manual Simple Diagnosis" service (free)

※If you wish, please respond to the post-seminar survey.
※Both will be notified at a later date.


Lecture: 85 minutes

  • - Introduction
  • - Challenges surrounding manuals that occur on site
  • - Visualization of manual tasks (document analysis, surveys, interviews)
  • - Document Analysis Workshop
  • - Case Studies
  • - Introduction of Human Science's Methods/Services
  • - Introduction to AI Manual Creation Tool "Toaster Team"

Individual Consultation (First-come, First-served for 3 Groups)

※Programs are subject to change without notice.

Event Details

Date and Time
  • November 7, 2023 (Tuesday) 15:00-16:30
    (Reception: 14:30-)
  • ※Individual Consultation (for those who wish): 4:30 PM〜
How to Participate
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    The participation method will be notified by email to those who have applied.
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Application Deadline: November 6, 2023 (Monday)


  • ※Participation by other companies and individuals may be declined.
  • ※The method for viewing the web seminar and the access URL will be notified to the participants by email a few days before the event.
  • ※Individual consultations will be conducted in a web conference format.



Yasunori Yasuoka

Human Science Co., Ltd.
Yoshiyuki Yasuoka

  • - Engaged in the creation projects of various instruction manuals (operation manuals), business manuals, product utilization guides, and educational materials.
  • ・Clients include Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.,
    IHI Corporation, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd., and others
  • ・TC Symposium*1, Nihon Kogyo Shimbunsha and Nihon Techno Center have been serving as coordinators for lecturers and panel discussions every year from 2013 to the present.
  • ・2018 TC Symposium*1 "Skills and Development Methods Required for In-house Manuals"
  • ・2018 TC Symposium "Startup of In-house Manuals"
  • ・How to Create and Review Basic Work Manuals in Manufacturing Sites, published by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbunsha in 2018
  • ・Creating Easy-to-Understand Technical Documents and Writing Techniques Workshop at Japan Techno Center in 2018
  •  *Organized by the Technical Communicators Association, a general incorporated foundation

noco Co., Ltd.
Business Development Manager Haruki Inoka

After graduating from university, I joined Japan Publishing and Sales Corporation. I am involved in consulting sales, such as proposing operational improvements for nationwide bookstores and planning book distribution.
In 2022, I joined noco Corporation.
As the Business Development Manager, I oversee inside sales, field sales, and business development for the AI manual creation tool "Toaster Team".

Manual Creation Support Results

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Yamaha Corporation

SBI Securities Co., Ltd.

Cygames Co., Ltd.

IHI Co., Ltd.

Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Denso Co., Ltd.

Many others

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